Frequently Asked Question
  • . New Business posting [ Rules ]

    Please make sure, you follow below rules in order to avoid Ban or Removal of Listing:

    • Make sure you post in the correct category.
    • Do not post the same Business more than once.
    • Do not upload pictures with watermarks.
    • Do not post Business containing multiple items unless it's a package deal.
    • Do not put your email or phone numbers in the title or description.
  • . How to Add more Photos to my Business Listing?

    It's easy to add images. 

    Please follow the below instructions:

    1. Login to
    2. Go to Your "My Business" page or search your business.
    3. Open your Business Page
    4. Click the "Add Photo" button available below your business name on your business page.
    5. Add Files by clicking "Add Files" button
    6. Upload all files by clicking the "Start Upload" button.

    and you are done!

  • . How to add Business listing for FREE?

    It's quite easy to add your Business listing, please follow the below steps:

    1. Create your free account at by visiting register URL here -
    2. After creating your FREE account visit here -
    3. Click on Big Red Button - "Add your Business for FREE"
    4. After clicking you will be redirected to the Business Form page, there "Accept" location popup so that visitors can see your location on google maps and then Fill out your business details.
    5. After providing all details click on Submit and Next button.
    6. Once all form was submitted correctly, You will be redirected to "Upload Image Page", there provide your live business photos or images.
    7. Please try to provide a min. 3 Images
    8. After providing 3 images, click on your business page URL name, You will be taken to your business page. 
    9. From your Business profile page, click on the "Shop" icon, there you can add products or services you are providing with cost and availability.
    10. After providing your all details, your shop will look like this -

    Hope this helps, if you have any question, feel free to contact us via Live chat or create a support ticket here -

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