Account Balance Policy

Once you create an account at - Your wallet gets automatically created. The following terms are applicable to your wallet.

There are 2 types of Wallet Amount:

1). Actual Balance

2). Expected Earning Balance.

They are shown on the website beside/below your name as "0.00 (0.00)", which is in a format like "Actual Balance (Expected Earning Balance)"

Actual Balance => It is a withdrawable balance, i.e, amount you can withdraw to your bank account or to your mobile recharge or cash withdrawal to our chosen limited vendors.

Expected Earning Balance => It is a balance that is available for withdrawing only after verification done by our support team. We provide certain ways to make money on our website, for such nature, we have added balance that is expected earning balance which people can withdraw after verification.

Revenue Method:

  • Once you add Business, you will see "Rs. 5" getting added to your "Expected Earning Balance", and after verification of business (whether a business exists and is real) and migration of business from your account to our support team, you will see the amount now available from Expected Earning Balance to Actual Balance which becomes available for you to withdraw in various forms as mentioned below on "Withdrawal Format" heading.
  • Once you buy and sell items on our platform, then you will also see the revenue earned from doing transactions.

Withdrawal Format: 

  • Cash Withdrawal from Selected vendors
  • Bank Transfer
  • Mobile Recharge balance.

For any other question, feel free to contact our Support System and create a ticket here -

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